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When you exist to seek the best, the distance you’re prepared to go to source the earth’s best coffee knows no bounds. This spirit of adventure takes us to unforgettable places, where we discover incredible coffee.

In the fertile landscape of Sidamo province, in southern Ethiopia, we met the proud coffee farmers from the surrounds of Yirgalem town. In the ancient soils that first gifted the earth with coffee, these farmers still bring out the best in their crops, honouring a heritage of wild and intriguing flavours.

We source our coffee from the farmers of the Fero Cooperative and pay them directly, ensuring a fair trade that keeps their business sustainable and ours meaningful. Fairtrade Certified. Organic Certified.

This single origin coffee has a fleeting floral aroma and a soft acidity enhanced by subtle citrus overtones.  This specialty coffee is optimally roasted in South Africa to deliver a taste as rich as the continent it comes from.

This fully washed coffee is grown at altitudes of between 1,500 and 2,200 metres above sea level and is of the Cofea Arábica 741012 and 74110 varietals.

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Fero Cooperative
Sidamo, Ethiopia

Fero Cooperative is located near the town of Yirgalem in Sidamo, Ethiopia and is a member of the greater Sidama Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union.
There are currently 5058 members of the Fero Cooperative, 903 of whom are female. The cooperative and coffee are Fairtrade Certified and Organic Certified. The word ‘Fero’ comes from the word for a strong metal and represents the producers as united and working together, forming a strong bond, and making a big difference in their community.
Bean There has been purchasing coffee from Fero since 2008 and our many visits over the years have strengthened our relationships with the community, cooperative leaders and farmers. When Bean There purchases coffee from the cooperative we pay the market price, plus a quality-related premium, the Fairtrade premium, and the Organic premium.
The members of the cooperative collectively choose how to spend the Fairtrade and Organic premiums. Over the years that Bean There has been purchasing from Fero, we have seen them establish electricity in the area, build classrooms at five district schools, build an office block for training and administration, install drinking water, and upgraded local infrastructure. Fero is a shining example of Fairtrade at work and the impact premiums can have on community development.

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