Bean There Monthly Coffee Subscription

Our online coffee subscription service ensures you receive freshly roasted, direct fair trade, African coffee to your door once a month. As a subscriber, you, the customer, are in control. You can select the quantity of coffee you want to receive and make changes at any time. Now, you don’t need to worry about running out of coffee again. We’ve got you covered!

How many bags would you like per month?

4 x 250g Bags - R460.00/month
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6 x 250g Bags - R630.00/month
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8 x 250g Bags - R840.00/month
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4 x 1KG Bags - R1,680.00/month
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Subscriptions will be delivered by the 5th of every month. As a member, the coffees you receive will be as per your selection each month. You will also receive product and event specials and Bean There surprises from time to time. You will get exclusive updates and stories about our coffee origin trips and be the first to know about and try new coffees. Please Note – All payments will be deducted on the 3rd of each month in order to ensure delivery on the 5th, regardless of your joining date. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Tip the Farmer creates an opportunity for coffee lovers everywhere to directly tip the farmers who produce the exceptional coffee we enjoy.


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