Virunga Coffee Company

Virunga Coffee Company

Virunga Coffee Company is focused on increasing the quantity and improving the quality of coffee produced in North and South Kivu. The following are areas of focus:

  • Development and implementation of the field-based support activities
  • Introduce Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
  • Introduce Good Processing Practices
  • Development of organizational structures and Internal Control Systems (ICS) for efficient management and implementation of the traceability systems and coffee marketing activities.

To date, Virunga Coffee Company has achieved the following:

  • Trained 3 agronomists and 29 Agro-monitors on UTZ Certified standards such as Code of Conduct and Chain of Custody
  • Trained 83 “Lead Farmers” on UTZ Organic Certification standards
  • Trained cooperative management on GAP and UTZ
  • Improved Internal Control Systems
  • Trained technical staff on internal audits or self-inspection
  • Trained technical staff on fully-washed processes and post-harvest improved practices
  • Field visits take place for practical training
  • Translated the UTZ Internal Control Systems to Swahili
  • Produced a 26-page book on fully-washed coffee production for farmers

The Virunga Coffee Company is committed to investing in the DRC coffee industry and the coffee farmers. Bean There is excited to partner with Virunga to market this remarkable coffee across South Africa.

Ecocert Certified Organic