Optimal Roasted Coffee

Optimal Roast

Bean There Coffee Company believes that each coffee has an optimal roast; a point within the roasting process where the key elements of aroma, body, acidity, and flavour meet and allow the beans to create that perfect cup of coffee we are all searching for.

Master roasters view the work of roasting as facilitation, not creation. Roasting is the most crucial stage in the treatment of coffee. Its flavour is insipid at the green stage, and is developed only when heat is applied. The roaster’s art lies in knowing the exact moment to remove the heat. Roasting is the key to the transformation of a green seed into a rich, complex beverage. Nothing effects coffee flavour more that how the beans have been roasted.

Roasting coffee is a terrible responsibility, because in a few minutes, beans that cost hundreds of people time, effort, and money can be completely ruined by ignorance or carelessness. Roasting coffee is an art, and like all true art, it takes years of practice before one becomes a master roaster; also, roasting is learned only by trial and error experience, and the errors may ruin many beans. The actual roast is a balancing act. The problem is deciding of what degree of roast each coffee tastes best.

Bean There’s commitment to an optimal roast is to ensure the beans are able to perform at their peak resulting in a perfect cup of coffee. Coffee’s key elements should be allowed to dance in flavour unison and the only way to guarantee this is to facilitate the roast to the optimal temperature and time through perseverance and patience. Determining and maintaining the optimal roast is a constant work in process involving critique, cupping, and conversation. It is a task Bean There is always trying to get just right.