Musema & Nyarurama Cooperative

Musema & Nyarurama Cooperative

Kayanza, Burundi

The Musema and Nyarurama Cooperatives are located in the Kayanza province of northern Burundi. Musema consists of 250 members and there are approximately 1000 farmers supplying cherries to the cooperative. The Nyarurama cooperative has 170 members and 500 supplier farmers.

Both cooperatives are supported by the NGO Food for the Hungry International (FHI). FHI provides farmer support, training, and agricultural education. Bean There Coffee Company began purchasing coffee from the Musema and Nyarurama Cooperatives in 2011 and the quantities purchased have increased each year.

In 2013 Bean There committed to buying all the coffee produced by these cooperatives! Neither cooperative has a certification however Bean There is committed to paying a direct fair trade premium to the producers. In 2011 Bean There made a second payment directly to the farmers.

The more recent purchases have had the fair trade premium built into the initial price. In 2012 Bean There sponsored the purchase of solar panels to be used at the washing station to assist with processing coffee at night. It has been exciting to witness the improvement in the coffee and in the lives of the coffee farmers. The Musema and Nyarurama cooperatives are small but committed to excellence in the production of their coffee. Bean There enjoys the direct fair trade partnership with these cooperatives and looks forward to working with them to continue improving the quality of the coffee and the price paid to the producers.