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Fero Cooperative is located near the town of Yirgalem in Sidamo, Ethiopia and is a member of the greater Sidama Coffee Farmers’ Cooperative Union.

The cooperative and coffee are Fairtrade Certified and Organic Certified. There are currently 3674 members of Fero. The word ‘Fero’ comes from the word for a strong metal and represents the producers united and working together, forming a strong bond, and making a big difference in their community.

Bean There Coffee Company has been purchasing coffee from Fero Coop since 2008 and have visited the community several times to meet with coop leaders and producers. When Bean There purchases coffee from Fero Coop the market price is paid, plus a quality-related premium, the Organic premium, and the Fairtrade premium.

The Ethiopia Sidamo coffee continues to be Bean There’s best seller. Fero Cooperative and Bean There Coffee Company enjoy a strong trading relationship to the point where Fero puts coffee aside specifically for Bean There ensuring there is a steady flow of top quality Ethiopia Sidamo coffee in South Africa. We look forward to many more years of trading fairly with the people of Fero.

Tip the Farmer creates an opportunity for coffee lovers everywhere to directly tip the farmers who produce the exceptional coffee we enjoy.


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